The Spanish style of redecorating your home

The cultural aspects of an interior design of Spanish origin inspired as already a popular choice among people according to Whether you like a southwestern look or the style of an old Spanish word, these design ideas will help you incorporate an enviable Spanish style into your home.

The interiors specific to the Spanish style have a dose of magic, of story. Absolutely all of them are so warm and pleasing to the eye that I find it hard to believe that there are people who find them unattractive or tasteless. If you want to decorate your home in Spanish style, you can do it with the help of the products on vidaxl, where you can find everything you want for your home.

Spanish style in the interior

Spain is a country of fighting bulls and dancing flamenco, which has survived some difficult times in the past. She rose to unprecedented heights and just as quickly descended to the feet of the Moorish conquerors. Typical of southern Europe, the Spanish style changed along with the state. If initially, the local interiors were not very different from the design of the houses in the neighboring countries, then after the war unusual elements appeared in them, which later became the business card of the directorate.

Geographically, the state is close to the Gibraltar border between Africa and Europe. On the one hand, Spain coexists with Portugal and France, and on the other hand, with Algeria and Morocco.

The amazing mix of Europe and Africa continues in the eternal search for harmony between nature and man. Spaniards – people are passionate, calm, but at the same time light, cheerful and hospitable. The fervor of excessive character is manifested by many decorative elements and details.

The conquest of South America by the Spaniards, led by Cortes, also left its mark on their culture. Although the conquerors themselves were convinced that only their traditions had spread to the Aztec countries, the local natives could not have such an influence on the invaders. The Spanish style in the interior belongs to the group of ethnic tendencies.

Specific finishes

A bedroom decorated in Spanish style is a space where natural materials predominate, generally with an old look. They give the decor a noble air, old and timeless, so once arranged, the room will always be current. The favorite finishes of the Spaniards are the parquet or the wooden floor, the travertine and the natural stone in general, the ceramic tiles, possibly worked and painted by hand, and all kinds of decorative plasters. Also, their decorations are always enriched by decorative elements such as beams or solid wood pillars.

Warm colors, in harmony with nature

Another reason why I loved Spanish decorations so much is the colors they wear. Even though Spaniards often use intense accent colors, such as cyclamen pink, turquoise or red, for example, the general color palette is composed of good, pastel, and neutral shades and colors. Do not imagine that light beiges or cream shades are the only options for this style of arrangement. Iberians know how to apply and mix skilfully light shades of pink, blue, green, or orange, but the result is always full of warmth and harmony.

The advantages of the Spanish style

The direction is very similar to the colonial style. The latter is a successful “mixture” of Spanish culture and customs of the locals, in whose territories the colonists settled. The advantages of the direction include:

  • The brightness of colors and freshness of the palette. In Spanish, the southern interiors use soft, warm colors and very colorful accent tones.
  • The arrival of a large amount of light due to the large windows. The Spanish rooms are bathed in the sun. Unlike the Berbers, who hide from the skylights in the rooms cooled by ceramic tiles, these Sudanese are not afraid to overheat.

Unusual, non-standard setting.