Employees To Get Permanent Work From Home Through Summer 2021


  • 90% employees don’t want to a rigid office schedule: Dropbox’s internal survey
  • Employees can make their own schedules in the new ‘virtual first’ policy
  • Dropbox will set up collaboration spaces called ‘Dropbox Studios’ 

Cloud services company Dropbox is allowing its employees to work from home permanently, as part of its new ‘virtual first’ approach, it announced Tuesday in a blog post.

All employees of Dropbox have been working from home since March when the pandemic triggered lockdowns. This mandatory work-from-home policy has now been extended until June 2021. The change comes after an internal survey by the company suggested that nearly 90% of employees feel productive at home and don’t want to return to a rigid five-day in-office workweek.

Dropbox is the latest to join technology companies including Microsoft, Twitter, Slack, and Facebook to announce permanent work-from-home policies.

“Remote work will be the primary experience for all employees

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Walmart completes work remodeling Alliance location

a sign on the side of a building: Walmart storefront

© Stock image
Walmart storefront

ALLIANCE  Walmart has completed remodeling projects in its store at 2700 W. State St.

The changes offer a new look and help customers save time, said Sarah Hall, store manager, in a press release. 

“Nearly every department in this store was refreshed in one way or another and our customers will immediately notice the exciting updates when they walk through the door,” she said.

Changes covered the basics: new signs, lighting and flooring throughout the store, remodeled bathrooms, new shelving and lower fixtures, and an increased number of products in the home, pets, sporting goods and hardware sections.

text: Walmart has put in place safety protocols including mask wearing and social distancing.

© Courtesy of Walmart
Walmart has put in place safety protocols including mask wearing and social distancing.

The layout of the grocery has changed. There are new produce tables, a hot case and ready-to-go items in the new deli counter.

The electronics department now has interactive displays

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How better design will improve the spaces where we work and live | Free to Read

A thoughtful middle-aged white man gazes across ranks of designers. For most of my career, this has been the image of a successful architect. Now, the pandemic, the climate emergency and the Black Lives Matter movement have fused to force a revolution in architectural thinking and practice. This may, in turn, change the way homes, work and public spaces are designed and constructed.

While the trend to work from home accelerates, architects worldwide are experimenting with ideas and concepts for a more integrated, resilient and Covid-proof workplaces. 

Two decades into the 21st century, the successful architect’s office is akin to the image of a 19th-century factory, with banks of screens instead of machines. A dollop of modernist creativity is added, by way of primary colours in fixtures and fittings — lime green carpets, yellow feature walls and orange swivel chairs. Architects and assistants converse in hushed tones, only moving when

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5 Things You Must Have If You Work From Home

In the age of Covid-19, working from home has become the norm for many people. Different professionals in all business sectors have had to set up a home office to get things done effectively.

For your home office to be a productive space, there are certain things that you should have, such as a good working laptop or PC, a good pair of headphones, and much more.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Hopefully, where you work at home is able to replicate a traditional office environment effectively. We understand that some homes have limited space, and oftentimes the dining room table doubles up as a workspace.

Whatever the case may be, it’s possible to set up this space to accommodate your work schedule reasonably well.

We’ve scoured the internet and spoken to real people when searching for the 5 most essential elements to a well-functioning

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Renovation work at USM’s Cook Library nearing completion

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – A multi-million dollar renovation of the Joseph Anderson Cook Library at the University of Southern Mississippi will be wrapping up soon.

text: Renovations to the Joseph Anderson Cook Library at Southern Miss should be finished in January.

© Provided by Hattiesburg-Laurel WDAM-TV
Renovations to the Joseph Anderson Cook Library at Southern Miss should be finished in January.

Chris Crenshaw, senior associate vice president for facilities, planning and management at USM says work should be complete in January.

It’s an $11 million dollar project, which includes the construction of the Bower Academic Center.

That center is being funded with $1.7 million in private gifts.

“The Bower Center will probably be complete a little ahead of that schedule, we’re putting some finishing touches on that,” said Crenshaw.

Southern Miss is also completing work on Southern Station, a combination stage and event center which is funded by the USM Alumni Association, and the Union/Stadium Plaza, which has gotten a new stage area for live

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Microsoft will let employees work from home permanently


Microsoft employees may get the chance to work from home permanently.

Angela Lang/CNET

Most Microsoft employees are still working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the tech giant will apparently offer them more freedom to do so when its offices reopen. The company circulated “hybrid workplace” guidance internally that suggests more flexibility, before posting it on its blog Friday.

Managers will be able to approve permanent remote work, and employees who take that option will give up their assigned office space but be able to work in certain areas if and when they come into the office. In addition, employees will seemingly be able to work from home freely if they spend 50% of their work hours at the office.

Workers whose jobs are linked

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Microsoft will let some employees work from home permanently

It is now the expectation at Microsoft that workers will be remote for up to half of their hours.

As the coronavirus first spread in the United States up the West Coast, Microsoft moved in March largely to shut down its offices and require most of its staff to work from home. In May, it extended the work-from-home mandate to October, though it allowed some of its 163,000 workers around the globe to voluntarily return to their offices in stages.

At the time, Microsoft president Brad Smith said in an interview the company expects to bring back employees “more slowly rather than more quickly because, economically, we can serve the economy with more remote work than people in many industries can.”

And in July, the company said it wouldn’t fully reopen its offices until January 2021 at the earliest.

The move to make work from home permanent isn’t without precedent.

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Microsoft Lets Employees Work From Home Permanently

Microsoft is letting employees work from home permanently, The Verge reported on Friday, as more companies continue to embrace remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us to think, live, and work in new ways,” Microsoft Chief People Officer Kathleen Hogan said in a note to employees obtained by The Verge. “We will offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual workstyles, while balancing business needs, and ensuring we live our culture.”

Moving forward, company employees will have the option to work from home for less than half of the week, or to have their managers approve working from home on a permanent basis. Microsoft employees who opt for full-time remote work will lose their assigned office space but will still be able to use Microsoft’s offices whenever they need. The company said employees can move around the country if they like,

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Microsoft Will Let Employees Work From Home Permanently: Report

Microsoft will let its employees work from home permanently, even once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, according to an internal memo seen by The Verge.

The memo highlights the company’s plans to create a “hybrid workplace,” Microsoft said it will allow employees to work from home freely for less than 50% of their working week, but has said that managers will be able to approve permanent remote work if staff request it. Part-time working hours will also be available for employees with approval from their manager. 

Currently, the cast majority of the company’s employees are working from home, and Microsoft previously said they would not reopen office until at least January 2021. 

For those whose work can be done entirely remote, there are options

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Microsoft: Most employees can work from home less than 50 percent of the time

Microsoft officials this week set some new official guidelines for work-from-home for the company’s 166,000 or so employees as of 2019. Most employees will be able to work from home part-time, meaning less than 50 percent. With manager approval, some will have the option to work from home full-time.

The new rules are the result of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. In early March, Microsoft began setting policies around which employees could and should work from home. In July, Microsoft officials said the company planned to reopen its offices partially in January 2021 at the earliest.

Then, as now, some employees are required to be onsite, depending on employees’ roles.

Microsoft management began circulating the new work-from-home rules selectively earlier this week, according to my contacts. The Verge reported on October 9 that Microsoft’s Chief People Office Kathleen Hogan also said employees could have the option of working from

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