Here’s What You Should Know Before Selling a Furnished Home

Selling your home is a huge endeavor — so big that you might not think of all the details surrounding the sale, such as the home’s furnishings. If you’re looking to maximize profits, consider selling your furniture, because it’s worth something too. But is this the right move for you?

Making a furniture plan

Furniture is often an afterthought in the home selling process. But it’s a big consideration and deserves some thought before you list. Here are some possibilities for what to do with it:

  • Sell your furniture with the home.
  • Bring it with you when you move.
  • Have an estate or garage sale.
  • List it online, such as on Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Marketplace or Craigslist.
  • Sell it through a consignment sale.
  • Donate it.

Let’s explore what you should know about selling a furnished home. If you decide that isn’t your best option, you can always choose one (or

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Yes, There Are Still Opportunities For Retailers This Halloween. Here’s How PetSmart, Hershey And Others Are Boning Up.

If retailers want to test new and unexpected Halloween categories, this is the year to do so. Overall spending this Halloween is predicted to decline as many Americans skip haunted houses, costume parties and other group activities that require festive décor, packaged treats and ghoulish rubber masks.

But their alternate choices for celebration will require some level of spending, as well. Yes, candy is selling, as are some costumes, but because they will be presented in a different way, different considerations should be applied to their retail marketing, as well as to potential market opportunities.

Seven Survey Findings That Shouldn’t Scare Retailers

Seven months into the pandemic, retailers have grown accustomed to battling what they can’t see. The findings from these various consumer surveys at least provide forecasts that should help merchandisers and marketers scare up new

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Design: Here’s how to think about decorating your living room

Open-concept living spaces—like in this condo in the Blum building—offer different decorating challenges than formal living rooms did long ago. (Photo courtesy of Everhart Studio)

The living room has historically been an over-decorated room used mainly to receive and impress visitors. This room was a status symbol for outside guests, which is why the decor was typically dressed up or done to the nines.

But the American living room has changed a lot in the last two or three decades. In today’s homes, we see less and less the idea of a formal living room—aside from older homes or exceptionally large homes, where square footage and budgets are of no consequence. For the rest of us, lifestyles have evolved, and formal living rooms are things of the past.

Today’s living room has morphed into a grouping of several different rooms into one. The living room, dining room and kitchen have

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Here’s what people are buying at home goods, home improvement stores and more | Food + Living

COVID-19 is shaping shopping behavior. That’s been bad news for retailers on many fronts — but certainly not all. Here’s a sampling some of the items shoppers have been snapping up for their homes.

Bon appetit

The Shops at Rockvale, located off Route 30 in East Lampeter Township, have seen a lower traffic count than usual over the past few months, says manager Kristi Burkholder. But sales reports show that those shoppers who are there are buying more things — especially if those things are related to eating at home, says Burkholder.

“The kitchen stores are out of control,” she says.

Foodie-focused business is also brisk at Zest! in Lititz. There, manager Elizabeth Elia says shoppers are increasingly investing in quality basics like kitchen scales. Pizza stones also are selling. So is anything having to do with bread.

“They’re getting serious about baking. One item that is selling like crazy

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PTO and poll working: Here’s what Election Day looks like for these tech employers

This election year has been unlike any other in American history.

With an ongoing pandemic, and while millions of people still work and attend school from home, options like mail-in voting, early voting and one-stop voting centers have popped up across the region. Election Day will likely be more like Election Week, New York Times’ opinion writer-at-large covering technology Charlie Warzel told us during a keynote at’s Developers Conference last week.

And similarly to how companies have had to figure out how to address these and other “big issues” this year, many have chosen to make voting and Election Day a part of their company’s policy.

Power Home Remodeling, which previously offered two hours of flex time to go vote on Election Day, this year rolled out a companywide campaign called “Power the Vote” in an effort to educate employees and encourage them to vote. The campaign also

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Psst, Amazon wants to put a flying security camera in your home. Here’s what to know


The Ring Always Home Cam is a security drone that flies around the inside of your house.


What if your security camera wasn’t fixed to a wall, but free to move around your house and check from room to room while you’re away from home? Does that sound wonderful, creepy or something in between? However you feel about it, it’s the premise of Amazon’s new Ring Always Home Cam, a security camera that’s — get this — also a drone that flies around the inside of your house shooting video it then can stream or upload to the cloud.

Wait, what?

You read that right. Amazon announced its new flying security camera alongside updated Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers and a mailbox sensor, but this out-of-the-box approach

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Considering a home purchase in retirement? Here’s how to get a mortgage

  • While home prices continue to climb upward, the average interest rate on a 30-year mortgage is low by historical standards: just below 3%.
  • If your tax returns don’t show enough income to qualify for a mortgage, you might be able to temporarily tap your retirement account to prove you can afford the loan.
  • Another option may be to qualify based on assets in that account, or explore “pledging assets” to make the purchase.

a man standing in front of a building

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If you’re retired and are thinking about downsizing or relocating, and it involves buying a home, you might want to look into how you would finance it.


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You may discover that qualifying for a mortgage is different from the last time you bought a house. Not only have lenders tightened credit during the coronavirus pandemic, retirees generally have left a steady paycheck behind.

It can be tricky for retirees to get

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Here’s what owning a second home means for your taxes

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

  • If you’re considering buying a second home, there are a few pros and cons to weigh when it comes to your taxes. 
  • Homeowners can deduct up to $10,000 total of property taxes per year on federal income taxes, including taxes on a second home.
  • If you don’t rent out your second home, it’s taxed much like a primary residence, with mortgage interest and property taxes deductible. 
  • If you’re planning to rent out your second home for part of the year for income, however, your taxes will be much different, with more deductions available, and income tax due on any rental income. 
  • Policygenius can help you compare homeowner’s insurance policies to
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You’re Working From Home Wrong. Here’s How to Fix It.

This story was produced in partnership with Hyatt.

a person standing in front of a window

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COVID-19 kicked us all out of our office spaces and millions of people started working from home. The novelty wore off months ago, but workplaces remain closed across the nation while the frustrations of working from home continue to mount, particularly for parents juggling work and childcare. Interrupted video chats are no longer cute. Missed naps are starting to eat into job security. The walls are closing in and patience is wearing thin. There’s got to be a better way.

There is. It’s time to trade in your tired work from home routine for a memorable work vacation with a Work from Hyatt package, a simple, safe way to get out of the house without giving up the ability for kids to do their schoolwork and adults to do their work work.

The Work from Hyatt

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Here’s how to watch Google’s big virtual event from home

It’s been a busy month, and next on the agenda for virtual phone announcement events is Google with its Sept. 30 “Launch Night In.” Google previously unveiled the Pixel 4A budget phone in August, confirming on the same day the existence of its next flagship, the Pixel 5, and the upcoming Pixel 4A 5G, both of which will have support for 5G. The invitation for Google’s September event confirmed that “new Pixel phones” would be among the products unveiled, along with a new Chromecast and a new Nest-branded smart speaker.

a close up of a logo: Google is teasing 5G for its Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G. Google

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Google is teasing 5G for its Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G. Google

Read more: Pixel 4A officially has the best camera for the money



The Pixel 5, like Google’s previous flagship phones, has been poorly protected from leaks (or perhaps, as CNET’s Lynn La suspects, the

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