St. Louis awarded nearly $8M for infrastructure improvements near downtown

The Trump administration has awarded St. Louis with nearly $8 million to go toward infrastructure improvements.

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The funds are part of the administration’s $1 billion investment in American infrastructure through the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Transportation Discretionary Grants program.

“This Administration is making significant investments in infrastructure, and this $1 billion in BUILD grants will repair, rebuild, and revitalize transportation systems across America,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao.

BUILD funding supports roads, bridges, transit, rail, ports or intermodal transportation, according to a news release. Since 2017, the administration has awarded nearly $4 billion in BUILD grants to improve America’s infrastructure.

St. Louis will receive $7.95 million for the Jefferson Avenue and 20th Street Revitalization Project, according to the release.

The project will improve two miles of Jefferson Avenue between Market Street and Natural Bridge Avenue. The project will also improve 20th Street to include new low-stress bicycle facilities between Market and St. Louis Avenue. 

The project also includes improvements to signals, pedestrian safety and stormwater systems.

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Changes to roads include reducing the width of lanes to help slow down drivers, connected and transit-optimized traffic signals to reduce congestion, additional center medians and more pedestrian and cyclist paths.

The improvements will help decrease crashes, according to the release.

“The current surface condition hinders the efficient transport of vehicles, transit, freight and pedestrians throughout the local area. By completing the roadway revitalization, the City of St. Louis will be able to maintain the two roads in a good state of repair through this project. The improved infrastructure will enable an increase in local development, and improved access from downtown,” the release stated.

The project is located in a designated “Opportunity Zone,” which were created to revitalized low-income and economically distressed communities.

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