Shoe Storage Ideas – Small-Space Shoe Storage Solutions

Let’s face it—revamping your shoe storage isn’t nearly as exciting as overhauling the pantry. Restacking your spices is an instantly gratifying, Instagram-worthy project, but the shoes you hide in the back of your closet just don’t seem as pressing.

In my case, I have a run-of-the-mill shoe rack that often stands partially barren, because of course, I leave my shoes everywhere but their specific place. I haven’t addressed the issue, either, because it’s always been just functional enough to ignore. I’m upgrading to a bigger closet though, and I’m officially in the market for a new solution.

So, unless you’re a cast member on the Real Housewives with a color-coded walk-in closet, your shoes probably don’t get the space and attention they deserve. Below, we’ve rounded up storage options from the classic to the unconventional. Bonus: They look cool, too.

Go for a Classic Shoe Rack

Hello, old reliable friend. A standard, staple item of so many homes, but this one is elevated, because you can use it as a shelf, entryway table, or side table, too.

Photo by James Ransom

2. Opt for an Expandable, Adaptable Shoe Rack

How is it that no matter how many shoes one has—be it a paired-down group of basics or a full-on seasonal rotation—they never seem to fit on the rack you have. Good news: this one expands to accommodate your ever-growing collection, if you’re hosting guests, or need extra room to store bulkier winter shoes.

Photo by Rocky Luten

3. Repurposed Rolling Cart

Who doesn’t love a good rolling cart? Craft supplies, bar mixings… shoes? Totally. Imagine how much easier it will be to simply roll them on out. Genius.

4. Clip Boots to Hangers

If you think just a little bit outside of the (shoe) box (ha!), there are lots of clever shoe storage solutions besides the usual rack. Clip taller boots to a hanger and store them at the back of your closet—no more floppy space-hoggers on the rack.

Photo by James Ransom

5. Stow Shoes in a Pull-Down Cabinet

Leave it to IKEA to have multiple iterations of pull-down shoe cabinets, in popular styles to match your existing dresser.

6. Display Prized Pairs on Wall-Mounted Shelves

If you’re anything like my brother (18, trendy, expensive taste) you probably have an impressive collection of sneakers to display. These wall-mounted shelves from IKEA are the perfect surface to show off a stockpile of streetwear.

7. Hang Heels Over a Leaning Ladder

If you’re an always dressed-up human who has lots of heels, try hanging them off a leaning ladder. They’ll be on display (as they should!), making room for your sneakers in the closet.

Photo by Rocky Luten

8. Throw Some Baskets Under the Mudroom Bench

There’s nothing I love more than a well-placed basket, and boy are these well-placed. Shoe storage doesn’t always have to be functional looking. Decorative bins or baskets under a mudroom bench are the perfect crossover between form and function.

9. Tuck Them Into the Corner of the Room

If you’re short on closet space, this handy little shelf perfectly holds 7-8 of your most-loved shoes, and keeps them stashed in the corner of the room. Plus, the top shelf is just begging for a house plant or decor item, too.

10. Line Shoes Up On Floating Shelves

I actually use one of these shelves as a “vanity” in my tiny bedroom, and behold: another clever use for the IKEA Lack floating shelf! They fit three pairs of shoes so perfectly it almost appears to be their intended use.

11. Utilize floor space (but not to throw them around)

These drop-front shoe boxes are a great way to utilize floor space in your closet. I’d probably stack them in piles by season for easy organization, but even if you don’t, the clear boxes make your shoes easily identifiable, and the drop-fronts designed for easy access. No more tumbling tetrises of shoe boxes.

Photo by The Container Store

What’s your favorite way to store your shoes? Tell us in the comments below!

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