Romeoville Approves Pedestrian Improvements for Route 53

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Those traveling along Route 53 as well as Normatown Road may notice a flurry of activity taking place along the street. Two different improvement projects were approved by the Village Board for these areas.

On the east side of Route 53, new sidewalks will run from Phelps Avenue to Ridgewood Avenue. On the west side of the road, new sidewalks will be added from Phelps to Normantown. The segments of new sidewalk on both sides of Route 53 will be ADA compliant and provide a safe way for pedestrians to walk along the road. Additionally, the first phase of a crosswalk on Route 53 will be completed, going east to west parallel to Normantown Road. Future Illinois Department of Transportation improvements will include push button/cross walk signals.

A 2,000 foot gap in street lighting on Normantown Road will soon be addressed with nine new streetlights. A proposal has been accepted to erect them between Geneva Avenue and Beverly Skoff school. This project has become more viable thanks to the availability of aluminum light poles that were replaced along Murphy Drive during the latest round of decorative lighting.

“These two projects will improve roadway and pedestrian safety where needed. We continue to look at other ways to improve safety throughout the community,” said Mayor John Noak.

Sidewalks and streetlights. This work represents practical improvements and improved safety for those moving through the community.

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