Renovation, reimagined – This hot company is your reno one-stop shop

You’re spending a lot more time at home. And you’ve reached the point where you can’t turn a blind eye anymore. It’s time to renovate the bathroom. Or the kitchen. Or maybe both.

But where do you begin? There are a hundred decisions to be made. How do you find contractors you can trust? How do you choose from the seemingly endless options for tile, flooring, fixtures and colors—and where will you find the time to hunt them down? Will you need an architect, what about permits and approvals? And how long will you have to live in construction-project hell?  

Block Renovation, a young Brooklyn-based company, can answer all these questions and more for too-busy-to-figure-it-all-out clients in NYC and environs, with plans to grow beyond those boundaries. Block’s platform has turned the proverbial nightmare of renovation into a predictable experience of ease, speed, reliability and head-turning results. The idea is simple: vet all the parties needed for a professional renovation— the vendors,  the designers, and your local contractors—and bring them together into a simple, tech-enabled, homeowner experience.  

It’s a simple journey: a Block planner starts by understanding your project and guides you through the opportunities and trade-offs inherent in any well-considered renovation. From the start, you’ll be able to use their visual planner—a low-risk way to discover how materials actually look when they get combined. 

Beyond the customer experience, it’s clear Block prides itself on its tight-knit marketplace of partner builders. The company’s guiding belief is that your homeowner experience starts with setting your contractor up for success with tech tools and clear standards. According to the company, they typically receive ten applications for each contractor accepted to their platform.

To see for yourself how Block clients have enjoyed the simplicity, ease, and gorgeous results their service brings to bear, visit

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