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Finally I grabbed some screwdrivers and began the exploratory project of undoing my failed home improvement, to hopefully find where I’d gone wrong. But I couldn’t see a problem and began carefully boxing up the pieces.

I walked into Home Depot carrying my box. Unfortunately, I had not been able to find my receipt, and told that to the lady standing at the customer service desk.

“I looked for my receipt everywhere,” I told her, which wasn’t altogether accurate, because if I had looked everywhere then I probably would have found it.

“How did you pay for it?” she asked.

“With my Home Depot card,” I perked up, thinking that would surely help, and handed her my card.

“Did you buy this in the last 30 days?”

“Well, no. It’s been a bit longer than that. Uh, I’ve been looking for the receipt.”

She stared at her computer and at last said, “Here it is.” Then she printed out a credit for the dead fan and handed it to me with my card.

“Thank you very much,” I said. “I don’t suppose you’d like to help me install it.”

“Have a nice day,” she smiled.

I headed off to browse through the ceiling fan section. There was a good selection and I began looking them over. It wasn’t long that I spotted the same Hunter I’d just returned, but I couldn’t bring myself to try it again. I finally made my choice and headed back home to try it again. Before I got there I called KM and told her she might want to head to a movie.

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