Orleans Parish property transfers, Aug. 24-29, 2020: See a list of home and other sales | Real Estate News

Below is a compilation of properties sold in Orleans Parish from Aug. 24-29. Data is compiled from public records.

New Orleans

District 1

Canal St. 3004: $950,000, 3004 Canal LLC to Innovative Historic Restoration LLC.

Erato St. 4129: $258,000, Alexandra S. Mathis Wiggins and Robert L. Wiggins III to Jared Matthews.

Euterpe St. 1016: $264,000, Kristen Faye Westfall Minch and Spencer Barrett Minch to Robert Granville Semmes.

Gravier St. 2523: no value stated, 20176bt 128 LLC to Luis Colindres and Nury Yadira Funez Colindres.

Julia St. 1001: $999,000, David P. Vicknair to Leah Broussard Cowan and Robert Tyra Cowan.

S. Alexander St. 500-02: $45,000, New Orleans Land Holdings LLC to Philip Krause Schmidt and Randall Krause Schmidt.

S. Galvez St. 528: $225,000, Joseph Charles Ciolino to Advanta Ira Services LLC Fbo Carl Fanaro Roth Ira 8003447 and Advanta Ira Services LLC Fbo Lynn Fanaro Roth Ira 8004530.

S. Rampart St. 1323-25: $95,000, First Emanuel Baptist Church to Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

District 2

Catina St. 6524: $408,000, Andrew D. MacInnes and Erin Regan MacInnes to Michael Anthony Paternostro.

Central Park Place 111: $522,500, Amy Dimaggio Larriviere and Rene C. Larriviere Jr. to Ashley Nalls Brooks and Page M. Brooks.

Finch St. 38: $650,000, Clinton E. Capdepon and Victoria Gogreve Capdepon to Pamela L. Eblen.

Gov. Nicholls St. 2016: $290,000, Chester Development LLC to Craig Alfred Kohler.

Iberville St. 3017: $110,000, Warren Easton Charter High School Foundation Inc. to Pischon Developments LLC.

Louis XIV St. 6221: $372,500, Gary George Bordes and Kim Reboul Bordes to Patrick Rouen Schmidt.

Louis XIV St. 6519: $755,000, Emily Borland Maass and Kern Daniel Maass to Emily Conrad Mueller and William David Mueller.

Milne Blvd. 6216-18: $395,000, Ann A. Bettencourt to Kathryn M. Burkenstock.

Milne St. 6890: donation, no value stated, Palmer Matthew Bruno to Christian Taylor Bruno.

Moss St. 1218: $1,150,000, Frederick H. Rolufs Jr. to Leonce L. Arnold and Stella Baty Landis Arnold.

N. Dorgenois St. 1109-1111-1111½: $60,000, Joyce Akhahenda Banks and Samuel R. Banks Jr. to K&T Institute LLC.

N. Gayoso St. 705: $239,000, Gabriela Paulette Tuttrup Hocker and Harrison Joseph Hocker to Dustin Michael Renaud.

N. Hennessey St. 120-122: $420,000, Jgen Properties LLC to Andres E. Manco Alvarez.

Ringold St. 210: $205,000, Christine Falcone Impastato and Frank Anthony Impastato III to Four Investment Homes LLC.

Rosemary Place 5559: $374,000, Christopher Altobello to Benjamin R. Morvant and Margaret Mason Stewart Morvant.

S. Park Place 12: $399,400, Andrea Segalla Grenier, Christopher P. Grenier and John Paul D. Grenier to Anthony Paul Mazza.

St. Ann St. 916a: $275,000, Katie Regina Schrier Cashin and Tyler Joseph Cashin to Bryan P. Nelson.

Vicksburg St. 5915: $699,000, Mitchell Duane Wilbanks and Monique Young Wilbanks to Amanda J. Lipman Buchanan and Jessie W. Whittington Jr.

Voisin St. 804: $419,000, Melissa Gulotta and Michael David Gulotta to Carolyn Storck.

West End Blvd. 5407: $275,000, Ray M. Casey to Gretchen Rhode Jacobsen.

Wuerpel St. 7045: donation, no value stated, Clara Petrossi Bonadona to Charlotte B. Simoncioni and Jeanne B. Stephens.

District 3

Adventure Ave. 7501: $50,000, Pcof Properties LLC to 7501 Adventure Avenue Industries LLC.

Andry St. 1710: $10,000, Wildstar LLC to WWS Remodeling LLC.

Baccich St. 5514: $217,500, Donald Roy Hess III and Joni Christine Banks Hess to Ebony H. Washington and Orlando A. Washington.

Bundy Road 4619: $125,000, Bundy Road Properties LLC to Keenan Banks and Miriam Alexander Banks.

Cameron Blvd. 5549: $185,000, Myra Louise Morris McNeil to Mark Koziorowski and Mary Koziorowski.

Cameron Blvd. 5718: $240,000, Terrance Wills to Eric Periou.

Chamberlain Drive 5550: $275,000, Brittany Lynn Kime Hastings and Paul E. Hastings to Lisa Serricchio Wallick and Steven A. Wallick.

Charbonnet St. 1237: $28,500, South Shore Investment Group LLC to Keshone W. Waller and Kevin P. Waller.

Chef Menteur Highway 23164; Chef Menteur Highway 35986: $96,000, Dereck Casey and Susan Casey to Michael Hanner.

Clover St. 2561: donation, no value stated, Kenneth E. Carradine to Tania Farve Carradine.

Crescent St. 1466: $365,000, Arc Holdings LLC to Linda Martinez De La Fuente, Nicole Paige De La Fuente and Reymundo De La Fuente Jr.

Curie St. 6210-12; Curie St. 6212: donation, no value stated, Rebecca V. Keller to Jennifer A. Keller.

Derbigny St. 3608: $315,000, Andersen Design + Build LLC to Taylor Paige Price.

Desire Drive 5133: $46,000, RMW Properties LLC to Ducar Real Estate Investments LLC.

Eads St. 6421: $329,000, GNO Builders LLC to Armelle A. Honkou.

Eastern St. 4421: $300,000, John J. Hendrix to Elizabeth A. Miranda.

Eastern St. 4604: $315,000, Barbara Joyce Hicks to Jennifer Catherine Plunkett and Kevin Andrew Plunkett.

Explorers Ave. 13941: $40,000, Tuan Quoc Nguyen to Toan Nguyen and Tuyet Le Nguyen.

Friar Tuck Drive 4800: $195,000, Henry Vu to Anthony K. Craft and Vikki R. Sexton Craft.

Gallier St. 1400: $287,000, Silviano Properties LLC to Luis Antonio Esteves and Melissa Ruth Lively Esteves.

Gallier St. 4819: $77,100, PCOF Properties LLC to Taya B. Fontenette.

Hansbrough Ave. 7310: $153,000, Miraidas Renovations LLC to Janel Bankston.

Kerlerec St. 1007: $10, Folie A. Deux LLC to Victoria Hall Leslie.

Lady Gray St. 7820: $50,000, Jasmine Annette Molden to All Pro Investments LLC.

Lafaye St. 4955: $182,750, Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. to Andrew Jamal Holmes and Jennifer Jenkins Holmes.

Lark St. 2476: $285,000, Maureen Clancy Richoux and Richard W. Richoux to Ashley Hughes Robinson and Brach Alexander Robinson.

Lizardi St. 912: $30,000, Thirty Four Acres Holdings LLC to Kahane A. Lynes.

Longfellow Drive 4727: $163,000, Lion Development Group LLC to Tavia C. Osbey.

Lourdes St. 13700: $16,000, Khanh Van Pham and Mai Xuan Nguyen Pham to Hanh Thi Bui Pham and Hien Van Pham.

Mandeville St. 5100-02: $131,300, Us Bank National Association to Jumax Ventures LLC.

Marais St. 3919: $92,500, RJS Holdings LLC to K&t Institute LLC.

Marquis St. 7739: $145,000, Leslie Walker McClain to Earnie Sercye.

Mazant St. 1939: $144,500, Cajoya Sandricka Jacob and Gregory Jacob Jr. to Adam Michael Staniszewski and Erika Marie Dopp Suni Staniszewski.

Mendez St. 5921: $60,000, Frank Michael Jackson to Fred L. Brice.

Mirabeau Ave. 1606: $150,000, Horace Blanks Jr. and Karen O. Johnson to Adimir D. Libera.

Mirabeau Ave. 1916: $125,000, Aaron Williams and Victoria Jackson to Raoul Jorge Mason.

N. Dupre St. 1727: $38,000, Sunflower Properties Inc. to Briana Serene Kelly and Julie Katherine Beaudine Kelly.

N. Lemans St. 13700-02: $75,000, Nhung Thi Nguyen and Paul Dung Nguyen to Hcts LLC.

N. Rampart St. 2331: $255,000, Jonie Eatwell Womack and Thomas M. Womack to Kim Mumford Cassano and Paul J. Cassano.

N. Rocheblave St. 1628: $180,000, John McClenon to Andrew H. McDaniel and Leslie Dauqui McDaniel.

N. Rocheblave St. 609: $364,500, Ejb Investments LLC to Natalie Anne Hare.

N. Tonti St. 2503: $49,000, 2503 N. Tonti LLC to Chrisna Inc.

New England Drive 56221: $123,500, Dekia M. Cruell Jenkins to William Douglas Booker.

Pauger St. 4911: $120,000, Jouandot Enterprises LLC to 4911 Sad Properties LLC.

Paul Morphy St. 1721: $466,500, Go Get It Enterprises LLC to Chad Duke Lederman and Rachael Irene Lederman.

Press Drive 5744: donation, no value stated, Cindy M. Lewis, Gina A. Holmes, Kecia C. Holmes Ravard and Steven P. Holmes to Sondra Anne Neal Holmes.

Providence Place 5824: $143,000, Mh3 Investments LLC to Lloyd J. Robinson Sr.

Skyview Drive 4549: $55,000, Ldn Land Development & Construction Co. Inc. I. to Saint Ann Protector LLC.

Spain St. 1717: $60,000, 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC to Julienne Design LLC.

St. Anthony Ave. 3517: $275,000, Belleza Remodeling LLC to Carson P. Briggs.

St. Bernard Ave. 2716: $420,000, Daz Realty Group LLC to Zachary A. Morris.

Urquhart St. 5314: $120,000, Jason Nicholas Griffith to Isabel Ryan Theriot.

Warrington Drive 507: donation, no value stated, Donna A. George and Jennifer George Bender to Mattie Jackson George.

Wellington Drive 4344: $145,000, Liovel Granado Bankruptcy Estate 20 10482 to Bryce A. Robertson.

Whitmore Place 7120: $21,000, Adam Troy Frank to Lavell Hammond.

Wildair Drive 5737: $170,000, Corine Kersey McCarthy and Kendra Rene Pierson to Collyn Martinez and Tiffany Johansen Martinez.

District 4

2nd St. 1937: $200,000, Eshel Properties LLC to Wetmore Enterprises LLC.

Baronne St. 2902: $405,000, Sms Development LLC to Andrew MacInnes and Erin Regan MacInnes.

Chippewa St. 2338-2340: $975,000, Amelia Holdings LLC to Eric Todd Siegel and Kyle Wallace Siegel.

First St. 600: $580,500, Ashley Armour Edwards to Casey Clark and Spencer Scolnick.

Prytania St. 1921: $145,000, Omar A. Ramirez to Beto II LLC.

S. Chippewa St. 2061: $305,000, Owen Riley Investments LLC to Kristabelle A. Mendoza.

Soraparu St. 620: $475,000, Darwin V. Agate to Lorelei Chavez Mendez and Monroe Mendez.

District 5

Alix St. 131-33; Powder St. 500: $400,000, Donald C. Conrad and Irma Rogers Bassett to Stuart Medon Conrad.

Atlantic Ave. 609-611: $365,000, Danielle Joy Laroche Broussard and Vincent Michael Broussard to Emily Claire Richard Doyle and Michael Patrick Doyle.

Belleville St. 935: $362,000, Whitney Ave LLC and Whitney Avenue LLC to Aubrey Alexandra Denton and Eric Micael Landry.

Berkley Drive 4646; Erickson Ave. 4141: $125,000, Brittany Picolo Ramos and Marco Antonio Ramos to Angela S. G Dix Humphrey and Ray Anthony Humphrey.

Elmira Ave. 604: $220,000, Lisa Anne Finn to Brandon P. Holland and Patricia Holland.

Fairfax Place 104: $248,000, Bebo Realty LLC to Brianesha A. Johnson.

Hudson Place 2423: $243,500, Marlene Bossetta to Mallory Alexandra Kirk and William Chase Gallien.

Kabel Drive 1719: $88,000, Doris Comberrel Jeffries, Glennon P. Jeffries, John D. Jeffries, Kelly Jeffries Bates, Scott A. Jeffries and Terry Ann Jeffries Fielding to Dana T. Washington and Zonell M. Washington.

Pelican Ave. 522: $280,000, Denis A. Condon to Amy Lauren Warner and David Richard Warner.

Pinewood Court 78: donation, no value stated, Andrey Rene Barquero and Rosa Aracely Barquero to Ivana Barquero Oliva.

Rue Colette 3600: $269,000, Beau M. Rogers and Courtney G. Rogers to Kelley L. Leggins and Sharon Ann Cannon Leggins.

Somerset Drive 3721: $204,000, Michael C. Mannings and Sheena H. Mannings to Jessica H. Daranda.

Verret St. 245: $360,000, Kirk Francis Estopinal and Melanie A. Kunz Estopinal to Adeline J. Snyder and Joseph D. Snyder.

White Oak Ave. 3660: $359,000, Debra A. Hall, Debra Hall 2008 Revocable Trust and Dee Ann Hall 2008 Revocable Trust to Cheye C. Kambi King and Davin M. King.

Yosemite Drive 9: $246,500, R. & D. Designs LLC to Trino Dominy Fortin and Veora Green Fortin.

District 6

Audubon St. 111: $100, Margaret Johnson Funk and Tommy Ralph Funk to Margaret L. Steward, Steward Funk Management Trust, Steward Funk Managment Trust Dated June 6 2019 and Tommy R. Funk.

Bordeaux St. 808-10: $290,000, Linda M. Prentice to Cresent City Developers LLC.

Constance St. 4105-4107: $460,000, Darleen Irene Mipro Depp and Michael Christopher Depp to Chathan Mangat and Sukhmani Gill.

Eleonore St. 1028: $950,000, Ann Benham Koerner and Timothy W. Koerner to Butler Brown Development LLC.

Gen. Pershing St. 1325: $100, Craig R. Isenberg to Kristin E. Buchman Isenberg.

Lasalle St. 4916: $617,000, Eliana M. Thompson Becnel and Ryan Becnel to Daniel Brian Tan.

Laurel St. 3020-22: $350,000, Gary P. Hess to Michael J. Styles.

Lyons St. 729: $280,000, Emily Christine Enclard to Erin Hunter Oakes and Erin Oakes.

Napoleon Ave. 1314: donation, no value stated, Rebecca Dietz Bogle and Thomas C. Bogle to Rebecca Dietz Bogle Revocable Inter Vivos Trust Ua Dated January 25 2006 and Thomas Christopher Bogle Inter Vivos Trust Ua Dated January 25 2006.

Pine St. 2503: $570,000, Philip C. Bascle to Adam Anthony Bosso and Vanessa Margaret Greenbaum Bosso.

Vincennes Place 3407: $380,000, David Bradley White and Josette Armentor Guedry to Massimo Cristiano Raffignone.

District 7

Bellaire Drive 6661: $649,000, John Edward Crews and Marie Eure Crews to Deirdre T. Wemyss Hineline.

Benjamin St. 7622: $440,000, Harriet Hartley Clancy and Michael Clancy to Gerald James Calogero and Kathryne E. Micken.

Birch St. 8621: $425,000, Christine Tuong Quyer Cao Ly and Kowloon Ly to Carys A. Arvidson Farmer and Jay P. Farmer.

Fig St. 7907: $400,000, Jack Theodore Smith to William Eric Odom.

Freret St. 8515: $164,000, Josephmill LLC to Nichole Chauvin Tucker and Patrick Tucker.

Hollygrove St. 1718: donation, no value stated, Mark Gabriel to August Chevalier LLC, Deborah Gabriel and Walter Gabriel.

Hollygrove St. 4031: $27,500, Monserratt C. Sparacello Dubon to Sky Blue Rentals LLC.

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