Nestron Cube Two Is the Tiny House With Its Own AI Assistant

In recent years, tiny houses have seen a surge in popularity for the exact reasons mentioned above. To people of all ages, they’re proving irresistible for offering a combination of reduced costs, minimal footprint, freedom to move around, and an extra dose of something-else-than-a-regular-apartment / house.

The tiny house we’re going to discuss today won’t buy you freedom like trailer-based models, but it compensates for that with its own AI assistant. It’s smart, it’s tiny, it can be solar powered if you want, and it’s still very chic. It’s dubbed the next-generation tiny house: the Cube Two from Nestron. 

Nestron is a maker of tiny houses based in Singapore and China. It has two lines of models, the Cube and the Legend, and it’s taking pre-orders now on the former. The Cube line includes the Cube One, the smallest offer of all, and the Cube Two. C2 was officially unveiled in May this year and is meant as a permanent home for a family of three or four, whereas C1 is for single living.

“C2 is built to accommodate 3-4 members medium-sized households, designed with an open concept and a bigger living room area for more entertainment and fun-time activities with your loved ones,” Nestron says.

Cube Two is all about not sacrificing a good design when you’re already sacrificing space. It’s very small even for a tiny house, but Nestron boasts 15 percent more storage space than in an actual, non-tiny home, thanks to cleverly designed, built-in storage. C2 has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a full bathroom, all of them scaled down to fit the 263 square feet (24.4 square meters) of living space.

The living room has a dining table that doubles as kitchen table, TV and a small sofa, while the kitchen is fitted with a sink. The master bedroom, if you can call it that, has a built-in bed with plenty of storage above it and a bar counter, for those late-night caps with your significant other. Adding an extra fancy note is a curved skylight that creates the impression of more space, allows for stargazing at night (after those late-night caps) and no doubt helps with feeling claustrophobic in such a tiny space.

At the other end of the home is the child’s (or children’s) bedroom. It’s even smaller, but it’s still able to pack a bed and a tiny office. The bathroom is equally small, with a compost toilet, a sink and a shower.

Cube Two, like its smaller sibling, comes ready to live in: you buy it just like you would a pair of shoes, choose whatever options you like and it’s shipped to your doorstep; you can move right in the moment it touches the ground, or so Nestron says.

Every piece of furniture is built-in, so here’s to hoping you’re not the type that likes to change things up regularly. More importantly, though, C2 has its own AI assistant named Canny. Canny helps you voice-control every appliance in the house, from the washer to the LED lights and the thermostat.

Cube Two starts at $59,000 and goes all the way up to $68,000 with all options, including solar panels for going off the grid and underfloor heating, as well as customization options to the layout or the materials / furnishings used. The base price includes 15-year warranty, AI, the electricity system and complete piping.

To this amount, you must add shipping costs. For instance, for customers in the U.S., shipping is an extra $8,000.

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