MACC’s Mandarin portal not new, merely reactivated with few improvements, says deputy commissioner

PUTRAJAYA: The Mandarin version of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) official portal was not newly created but recently reactivated following a few improvements, says the anti-graft body.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (prevention) Datuk Seri Shamshun Baharin Mohd Jamil said that the version had been in existence since 2015 but was temporarily shut down in 2018.

It was recently activated again with new updates and improvements to ensure that the anti-corruption message can be disseminated to the wider society in the country.

“The Mandarin version before this was not updated and it was shut down in 2018.

“Now we are activating it again because we have officers to manage that. A Tamil version might also be launched if there is enough allocation,” he said on Monday (Sept 21) following the reaction towards its Mandarin portal.

Shamshun Baharin also said that MACC viewed Malay as the main language in its official portal, although there are other languages as an option.

He also said MACC would never go against Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, which enshrines Malay as the country’s official language, and that MACC will always adhere to the National Language Act 1963/67.

“As long as we prioritise Bahasa Melayu as the main language, and offer other languages as options, it is not wrong,” he said.

MACC earlier faced backlash from certain groups such as Parti Bumiputera Pesaka Malaysia over the Mandarin version of its portal.

Meanwhile, former MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya said it was not an offence for MACC to offer a Mandarin version in order to provide a greater understanding about the issue of corruption.

“Awareness about the issue of corruption is important among all groups in society and it should not be hindered,” she said.

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