Logistics Network Remodeling Success Story – Green Chemicals Producer Implements Top-of-the-line Logistics Model, Enhances Data Accessibility, and Logistics Visibility by Collaborating with Quantzig

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Engagement Overview

With over 150 business units spread across the UK, the client is a leading producer and exporter of green chemicals. The green chemicals manufacturer is also known for importing raw materials from overseas and distributing it across its BUs. Notably, to get its products to its end-users, the manufacturer utilizes a combination of rail, tanks, bulk trucks, and package trucks along with a process that incorporates both transportation and warehousing. Since most of the logistics processes were outsourced, the client faced several challenges due to the visibility gap. Moreover, the reports were spreadsheet-based, due to which data accessibility and visibility was a major challenge. By collaborating with Quantzig, they were looking to remodel their logistics network and enhance visibility into core logistics processes. Apart from achieving these, the collaboration also enabled the green chemicals manufacturer to achieve remarkable savings through logistics cost reduction.

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“Streamlining the logistics network not only offers real-time insights into logistics movements but also empowers the workforce to gain real-time access to logistics and freight data,” says a logistics analytics expert from Quantzig.

The Challenge

The client’s challenges spanned three key areas, including-

  • A rise in demand-supply mismatches
  • Manufacturing inefficiencies
  • Rising operational and logistics costs
  • To know more about the client’s challenges, visit: https://bit.ly/3iWPnLg

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Quantzig’s Approach

Quantzig adopted a comprehensive three-phased approach to tackle the challenges faced by the green chemicals manufacturer. The logistics network remodeling project was carried out in three phases over 6 weeks and resulted in the successful redesign of the client’s logistics network. Logistics network remodeling enabled the client to tackle most of its logistics challenges. The solutions offered along with data dashboarding proved to be a cornerstone to success, enabling them to review and access data regarding shipments at any point in time. The solutions offered also empowered the client to-

  • Drive continuous process improvements
  • Reduce logistics costs by 49%
  • Enhance logistics and supply chain visibility

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