Keeping your wine coolers squeaky clean

It is no secret that wine coolers require little to no maintenance, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t regularly give your cooler a nice clean just to ensure it’s smooth running. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these coolers don’t require much maintenance, many people are found to disregard the cleaning of their wine cooler altogether; later on, they find themselves having to replace certain parts or, in some instances, the entire wine cooler due to the lack of cleaning. As a result, Bodega43 UK has realised that many people lack the knowledge to keep their wine chiller cabinets clean and is here to assist you.

As good as new

Keeping your wine cooler clean should be included in your daily household cleaning, this way, you are not sitting with a problem later on and have to clean it more thoroughly. Although at least once or twice a year, it is good to do a deep clean in which you remove all bottles and give them a good deep clean, however, if it is part of your daily cleaning routine, a daily wipe down is enough to maintain it well. Additionally, a wine cooler has many components that have to be constantly cleaned, such as drip trays, outlet pipes, and even fans; the cleaning of these parts are done to avoid any blockages from occurring, which could alter the running of the wine cooler. Furthermore, keeping your wine cooler clean is ultimately just a show of good hygiene as you would keep any other thing clean.

Clean fun

When it comes to cleaning your wine cooler, many people get the idea that there are specific products needed in order to clean your cooler properly, but just like everything else, all it requires is a good clean cloth and some water; you can use detergents according to your liking, but this is not at all necessary. What is essential, though, is that you regularly clean your drip tray as the remnants of the humidity of the cooler can become slimy with a foul-smelling odour; thus, it is important to clean this specific component periodically. Additionally, as previously stated, a deep clean can be done about once or twice a year. When this is done, it is advisable to clean every single component; which entails removing all the bottles and shelves and cleaning every surface.

Deep dive

Regularly cleaning your wine cooler is not just a show of good hygiene; it can also add to the life of your wine cooler. By doing regular cleaning and maintenance checks, you have the ability to increase the functioning and life of the cooler. Although wine coolers are built with the purpose of having no maintenance, it is still important for you as the owner to do regular checks as there are some components of the cooler that is susceptible to wear and tear; therefore, by doing regular cleaning checks, you can catch these problems before they turn into something much bigger and more costly. Furthermore, regular cleaning can also add to the cooling quality of your wine; if it is not properly cleaned, some components will not work as they should, resulting in your wine not being as chilled as it should be.