Inuvo’s IntentKey Uncovers Changing Home Renovation Audience Behaviors in Midst of COVID-19 for National Home Improvement

Inuvo’s IntentKey Uncovers Changing Home Renovation Audience Behaviors in
Midst of COVID-19 for National Home Improvement Retailer Client

The IntentKey Discovers Audiences Willing to Travel Two Hours for Home
Renovation Supplies

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE
American: INUV), a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by
artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies, today announces
how the IntentKey artificial intelligence (AI) technology has built strong
brand awareness with new audiences for a national home improvement retailer
client by uncovering changing audience behaviors in the midst of COVID-19.

The pandemic has created a boom in home remodeling, as more time at home has
changed the way people need their homes to function. Houzz reported a 58%
increase in professional referrals for projects year-over-year. In a
survey, more than 75% of consumers said they plan to take on a new project
within the next 12 months. CNBC coverage also boasts record high equity is
giving homeowners the financial flexibility and confidence to reinvest in
their homes as real estate prices increase amid record low interest rates.

IntentKey’s national home improvement retailer client was opening a new store
in the Northeast and was looking for digital solutions to build brand
awareness with both consumers and contractors, while also driving traffic to
the new store.

The IntentKey AI technology was able to identify audience insights unavailable
through conventional marketing technologies. The IntentKey easily identified
the expected audience interests in home improvement concepts, such as
renovation, bathroom remodeling, Pergo flooring, vanities, affordable tile,
travertine, and the like. However, the IntentKey was also able to expose an
unknown trend wherein audiences were demonstrating an interest in product
within a 60, 90 and even 120-mile radius that were out of stock locally. This
audience intent was manifested because the artificial intelligence technology
behind the IntentKey was able to associate the general home renovation
concepts with these unexpected concepts like “out of stock” and “low inventory
levels,” which in turn suggested contractor and consumer were willing to
inconvenience themselves in this COVID-19 environment so as to get their
projects completed.

“This discovery contradicts the behaviors of the typical home renovation
shopper / contractor who generally source supplies from local home improvement
stores. COVID-19 has created an environment where people are working from
home, vacations have been canceled, and normal activities outside home have
diminished. Collectively, this has led to an increase in home renovation for
functionality and enjoyment,” said Tristan Cameron, VP of Sales & Account
Management. “The IntentKey AI identified this greater distance travel trend
and used it to automatically increase the size of the audience receiving the
marketing. This discovery highlights the adaptive power of the IntentKey’s
real-time updates, which adjusts marketing audience size based on just-in-time

For this client, the IntentKey AI was able to define a strategy the home
retailer could capitalize on wherein their traditional, more local audience
targeting approach could be expanded to capture a greater footprint of
in-market audiences willing to travel for items they had in stock.

About the IntentKey^TM
Inuvo®’s IntentKey^TM is a patented, machine-learning technology designed to
mirror the manner in which the human brain instantly associates ideas,
emotions, places, people, and objects. It creates an accurate, high-definition
picture of consumer intent and sentiment related to a particular topic or
item. Inuvo harnesses the power of the IntentKey to discover and reach high
volumes of incremental in-market and relevant audiences that are hidden from
typical marketing approaches. The IntentKey enables pinpoint media execution
reaching consumers throughout the purchasing funnel all the way to conversion.

About Inuvo
Inuvo®, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV) is a market leader in artificial
intelligence, aligning and delivering consumer-oriented product & brand
messaging strategies online based on powerful, anonymous and proprietary
consumer intent data for agencies, advertisers and partners. To learn more,

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