Improvements At Wolfs Crossing, Harvey Road Intersection Approved

OSWEGO, IL — The Oswego Village Board passed two resolutions relating to the improvements at the intersection of Wolf’s Crossing and Harvey Road near Oswego East High School during its Sept. 1 meeting.

The first resolution appropriates $748,251 in Rebuild Illinois funds from the Motor Fuel Tax Fund for improvements, and the second resolution authorizes the execution of Phase II engineering and land acquisition services with Alfred Benesch & Company, Inc., Chicago, for a maximum cost of $1,558,344.

As per village documents, Oswego has long recognized the need to improve Wolfs Crossing from Route 34 on the west to Route 30 on the east. This east-west corridor links Oswego and Oswego East High Schools and services as a regional conduit for travel through the village. The existing road is two lanes with agricultural ditches adjacent to the road.

The Village commissioned a Phase I engineering study to determine the purpose and need for the project. The study evaluated existing and proposed traffic conditions, drainage patterns,
soils, and environmental conditions. The village also conducted extensive public engagement to determine community support and to guide the design principles which govern the project.

This project includes the construction of a roundabout, realignment of the approaching roadways, transition to existing pavement at east and west limits, drainage improvements, and installation of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, lighting, and landscaping.

In addition, village staff has also identified an opportunity to construct an unrelated project during the construction of the road. Combining these projects will result in significant savings through coordination of work and elimination of overhead associated with multiple contracts.

There is currently no water main along Wolfs Crossing. The village needs to construct a water main along this route to support improved flow through the Village as well as to support future development along the corridor. Though state and federal funding sources being utilized will not pay for Phase II water main engineering, it is anticipated that the expansion project will spur more subdivisions to develop along the corridor, and a new main would be necessary to ensure sufficient capacity for that development. Positioning of the water main, anticipated to be on the north side of the street, will dictate the amount of land that ultimately needs to be acquired as well.

According to the village’s contract, Phase II engineering will take 15 months, and land acquisition will begin in mid 2021. The plans could be completed by next January if the Illinois Department of Transportation approves it this month. The construction will take approximately 18 months to complete.

Public Works Director Jennifer Hughes said during the meeting that this project will help secure the “future for Oswego.”

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