Home and remodeling show helps flood victims get back on their feet

GONZALES – Vic Sauniers and his wife lost their Gonzales home in the flood and are currently living in a FEMA trailer.

They say their new home will be elevated, built on top of a mound of dirt.

“We want to be prepared so when the next flood comes. We don’t want to deal with any water,” Vic said.

He decided not take any chances and is acting as his own contractor and building his own house. So he attended the Home and Remodeling Show at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center. There he looked for sub-contractors to do the actual work.

“I’ve been planning for about three months and today I’m getting to put eyes on so it’s really great,” Vic said.

Every type of service homeowners need is being offered at the expo. Lumber compaines, painters, tools and kitchen cabinet companies are all featured at the event.

Cabinet makers are some of the more popular vendors at the home rebuilders’ show.

Some flood victims haven’t been able to replace their cabinets even though it’s been almost eight months since their homes were damaged by the flood.

This is the first show New Orleans-based Delta Cabinets has ever done outside of the Crescent City.

“Traditionally in the past we haven’t a lot of work this way, so we’re out this way to help out the backlog,” Damon Eskine with Delta Cabinet said.

After months of searching and trying to find sub-contractors, the Sauniers believe they are now finally on the way to rebuilding after the flood.


GONZALES – Vic Sauniers and his wife lost their Gonzales home in the flood and are currently living in a…
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