City advances application for building additions, improvements at Ladue Middle School | Metro

Proposed site improvements would include a new drive at the receiving dock located at the east end of the new storm shelter addition and a retaining wall at the northwest academic addition.

The commission will review the project in October, with Council likely voting on final approval in November, Sukanek said.

Other business

Also on Monday, the Council approved authorizing a contract with Geissler Roofing Company, Inc. for the removal of the existing roof and installation of a new roof and replacement of the gutter/scupper system and downspouts on the police department’s main building, portico and carport.

The cost will be $187,870, as well as approval for up to $7,500 in additional funds, if needed, for replacement of plywood decking and boards.

Laura Rider, assistant to the mayor/city clerk, said the Council, in July, had approved a contract with Heath Roofing LLC.

“Heath was unable to meet the bond requirements for the project, so we moved to the next lowest bidder,” Rider said.

Councilman Patrick Hensley admitted the original bid from Heath — at $126,729 — “was very low.”

After almost 19 years, the roof shows major signs of wear and is in need of repair, Police Chief Ken Andreski Jr. has said, adding there are areas where the roof has separated from gutters and there is a leak on the backside of the building after heavy rains.

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