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Williams Sonoma, a member of the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (NYSE:WSM) portfolio of brands, announced the launch of a new collaboration with Ghetto Gastro in partnership with kitchen design and manufacturing company, CRUX.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Ghetto Gastro Launches Collaboration with Williams Sonoma (Photo: Williams Sonoma)

Ghetto Gastro Launches Collaboration with Williams Sonoma (Photo: Williams Sonoma)

Born in the Bronx and inspired by a youthful generation of cooking enthusiasts, Ghetto Gastro is a collective of top chefs who utilize food to empower communities and advance social justice by igniting conversations around race, class and inclusion. Ghetto Gastro’s members Jon Gray, Lester Walker and Pierre Serrão worked with CRUX and Williams Sonoma for over a year to design a line of countertop kitchen electrics that serve up bold designs for home cooks who are plugged into the world beyond their kitchen. The end result is a

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Barnwood Reclaimers Offers Custom Made Furniture by Private Design Appointment

During August’s successful moving sale, all of Barnwood Reclaimers’ incredible pre-made furniture was sold and is being enjoyed in many homes throughout the community. Owners Ryan and Patti Trcka found that what really meets their clients’ needs are private custom design appointments.

“We’re back in the wood shop and getting settled in after our big move,” explained Patti Trcka. “We’re preparing for fall and winter, with cooler weather and upcoming family gatherings. Since most of us are already spending a lot of time at home because of the pandemic, this is a great time to work with our clientele to create beautiful custom furniture and fireplace mantels that will cozy their nests and upgrade their homes.”

Like many other small companies, Barnwood Reclaimers is having to be creative with how it conducts business in light of the pandemic. “Prior to our private appointments, we typically discuss the details of the

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Stacey Solomon shows how to give homes a budget Autumn makeover with cheap wreaths, DIY garlands and a clever sock hack

AUTUMN is well and truly here so it’s time to swap out your bright and bold colourful decor for some moody orange and brown hues instead.

Stacey Solomon has been leading the way with cheap DIY autumnal decorations which she’s been making using budget bits – and it’s just the vibe we’re after.

Stacey Solomon, 30, has been embracing autumn and giving her home a seasonal makeover


Stacey Solomon, 30, has been embracing autumn and giving her home a seasonal makeoverCredit: Instagram

Whether you’re going full blown Halloween, or want to incorporate a subtle seasonal makeover, chances are you can do it yourself for cheap with a few of Stacey’s handy hacks.

From cheap hand-made wreaths to a fun solution to odd socks, Stacey’s ideas are endless – and even her pal Mrs Hinch is in on it too, making handy decorative garlands.

DIY wreath

The 30-year-old mum-of-three recently showed her 3.7 million Instagram followers how to whip up a seasonal wreath

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Living Room Ideas That Will Liven Up Any Space, Big Or Small – Living Rooms

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

When we hear the words “living room makeover,” many of us think a few cans of paint and a new sofa — and don’t get us wrong, those two things can work wonders. But creating a welcoming, tranquil space is about so much more than the colors and the furniture. It’s about combining practicality with aesthetic so you can enjoy living in and looking at it at the same time. 

Before you go down a rabbit hole of living room ideas you’ll want to figure out how much space you’re working with. Measuring a room beforehand can save you tons of headaches down the road: You’ll know how many buckets of paint to buy, you can compare your space to similar-sized rooms on the internet, and you can think realistically about that oversized coffee table — before you have a chance to get too attached. 


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3 easy upcycling ideas everyone can do at home

The upcycling message is practical, powerful and pretty clever.

“I really believe that waste can be beautifully upcycled,” says Max McMurdo, eco-designer and TV presenter. “Just because an item can no longer fulfill its original purpose, doesn’t mean it can’t work really well as something else.

“I started upcycling 18 years ago and people didn’t understand what I was doing, they thought I was a mad hippy!”

Chatty and fun, McMurdo lives in a 40-foot upcycled shipping container, which he converted into a floating home – and admits it’s the most ambitious thing he’s ever upcycled.

“It’s fantastic and I love it. I had the bright idea that if I’m telling people what to do, I must do it on the biggest scale of all and upcycle a home. My lampshades are old jelly moulds and my table’s a washing machine drum.”

If you take a look on Pinterest, it

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4 Fresh Renovation Ideas We’re Stealing from the Newly Reimagined San Luis Creek Lodge

Designer Nina Freudenberger describes her first visit to the old San Luis Creek Lodge, located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, as a step back in time—well, more of a leap. “There seemed to be a medieval theme,” she says, recalling the four-poster beds, gray stone fireplaces, and dark wood ceiling beams. “Everything felt so heavy.” 

Tasked by PRG Hospitality Group with redesigning the lobby and its three guest buildings, Freudenberger landed on a modern vision for the spaces that called for fresh wall treatments and major bathroom makeovers. Still, even amid all the new white paint, the designer didn’t lose the cozy lodge details. “I wanted to keep it warm, almost like a Danish farmhouse,” she says. All the inspiration you could possibly need for your very own reno is waiting in this newly reimagined getaway. 

Heavy Materials Can Be Cured With Paint

bulky four poster bedPin It
Courtesy of San Luis
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Pumpkin carving ideas and advice straight from an expert

The Daily Beast

‘RBG’ Directors Recall How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wanted to Be Remembered

When Betsy West and Julie Cohen began putting together their 2018 Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary, RBG, they knew they would never get to fit in everything they’d learned about the accomplished Supreme Court Justice. For instance: They had to leave out anecdotes about the time she learned Swedish just to become an expert in the country’s civil procedure.As the two explained to me in 2018 for a Vanity Fair story, Ginsburg got the book assignment as a young law professor and seized it so firmly that, as Cohen put it, she “became perhaps at the time… the leading—outside of Scandinavia—expert on Swedish civil procedure.” It wasn’t as colorful an anecdote as those that made it into the doc, which captured Ginsburg’s “feminist love story,” cultural meme-ification and planking regimen. Mitch Ready to Steamroll Dems on Ginsburg

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Hotels Debut As Design Showrooms

If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your home or commercial property, check out the Vipp Chimney House, the boutique hotel in Copenhagen that was built inside a water pumping station complete with its 115-foot chimney.

The Financial Times (FT) reported the once rough, sterile 650-square-foot environ has been transformed with the best of the Scandinavian good life.

It features high-end furniture, contemporary designs and accents such as throw pillows, giant jars of coarse grains and fresh flowers.

The 118-year-old Chimney House is one of a trio of its hotel showrooms operated by Vipp. The tables, chairs and couches, manufactured by Vipp, are available for purchase, allowing a touch of Danish style home to be brought everywhere. The Danish furniture brand’s premiere product features kitchen units that start at 25,000 euros ($29,491).

Before COVID-19 struck, wealthy home enthusiasts traveled to Denmark

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Theory Design completes interior for Seagate’s new two-story office building

Caffrey & Associates, Special to Naples Daily News
Published 6:00 a.m. ET Sept. 5, 2020


Theory Design announced it has completed the interior for Seagate Development Group’s new two-story office building at Interstate 75 and Alico Road.  The building will also serve as Theory Design’s corporate headquarters.  Strategically located between Fort Myers and Naples, the 13,000 square-foot building fronts I-75 and features a scenic lake at the rear of the building.

Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi worked directly with Joe McHarris at Bonita Springs-based McHarris Planning & Design to create both the building’s exterior style and the interior spaces.  The exterior has modern lines, oversized windows, large steel brackets and overhang canopies. It conveys a timeless sense of strength combined with

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Closets by Design helping families with ideas on creating the best environment for remote education

(WXYZ) — With virtually every school moving to virtual learning and a shortage of desks for purchase, local panicked parents are quickly realizing the kitchen table just won’t cut it for class time.
But finding a student size desk or chair is impossible! The majority of retailers are either out of stock or will not ship for months.

The organizational experts at the Closets by Design in Detroit are helping families desperate for ideas on creating the best environment for remote education and boosting their kid’s chances of home school success. For parents in a pinch, Closets by Design has put together a lesson plan they can use to set up a Home School Work Station:

Desk Doubles – Use what you have around the house. A sofa/console table can be repurposed as a desk. A smooth piece of splinter-free wood and some brackets mounted to a wall can create

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