Amazon Prime Video has added two brilliant new improvements

Amazon has added two useful new tweaks to its Prime Video streaming service, which are available to all subscribers right now. In order to stream exclusive shows and movies on-demand from Prime Video, you’ll need to pay a monthly Prime Video subscription fee, or become an Amazon Prime member, which comes with a number other perks, including the ability to take part in the upcoming Prime Day sales event.

Prime Video, which is the exclusive home of shows like The Boys, The Grand Tour, Good Omens, Utopia and All Or Nothing, has now added multi-language support. Only available in the UK, Germany, United States and Japan for the time being, the option lets viewers toggle between different dubbing options.

This is particularly useful for households with guests or family members who speak different languages. The ability to switch to an audio track from a different language – while adding subtitles in English, for example, should allow more people to sit around and watch together for the first time.

According to Amazon, these new audio and subtitle features are now available for several Amazon Originals including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Family Man, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Troop Zero, The Boys, The Expanse, The Last Narc, and Hanna “among many others”. The Seattle-based retail giant will be adding more titles to this option over time, so it’s well worth checking back in future weeks if nothing available tickles your fancy quite yet.

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Elsewhere, Prime Video viewers in the UK, Germany, United States and Japan have also benefitted from another new feature.

Amazon has enabled “Auto Download” on all Android devices streaming Prime Video over Wi-Fi. By default, this means Prime Video will automatically start to download the next three episodes of a television show as soon as you’ve finished an episode. So, if you’re starting to enjoy a new show and then leave the house to catch a flight or a train – you’ll find a good few hours’ worth of content available to watch offline without even having to think about it.

The feature currently only applies to TV shows from the Prime Video catalogue, so shows from other networks that are available to watch on Prime Video for a limited time – like the BBC crime series The Fall, which was recently added to the catalogue, for example – won’t benefit from the convenient new feature.

Bafflingly, Auto Download won’t work across seasons. So, if you’ve just finished a shocking cliffhanger at the end of Season 2, you won’t find any episodes from Season 3 already downloaded and ready to watch on your Android smartphone or tablet when you next lose your internet connection.

The feature is automatically enabled, but viewers can disable it if they’re worried about the amount of free storage space on their Android device. By default, customers must delete titles manually, but can also set the app to automatically delete titles after they have been watched.

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