Alli Webb on founding Drybar and starting new massage chain Squeeze

On opening her new massage venture, Squeeze:

Alli Webb

Alli Webb

“Fast forward to now — or to a year and a half ago — when we started Squeeze.” 

We had been running and operating Drybar with such success, and it was so amazing and humbling. My brother [Michael] — who’s an amazing guy but doesn’t have any hair and so doesn’t have any use for Drybar personally — and I would always get massages. Michael was getting massages once a week and started to see the similarities.

The parallels between Drybar and Squeeze are interesting. Michael was really frustrated, saying, ‘It’s such a hassle when I want to go get a massage, and I have to call [to book one], and then I go and it’s hit or miss.’ He wondered, why isn’t anyone doing it better? 

“With Squeeze, you can book on the app, you pay on the app, you tip on the app.” 

Before you get to the door, you already filled out your information, your massage therapist knows you, the pressure to use, the music you like, the room temperature you like, the oil you like. You put all of that stuff in before you even walk in the door.

And then when you’re done with your massage, you walk out. That’s it — a seamless cashless experience, and you don’t have to worry about talking to anybody about whatever. We created what we felt like was needed, which was a better massage experience. 

“It’s not just blow-outs we’re selling. We’re selling happiness and confidence.”

Even with Drybar, what I very quickly discovered was that women, they’d come in and you could just see all the stress on their faces. And then when they walk out, there’s this pretty noticeable difference — a pep in their step. 

We very quickly realized it’s not just blow-outs we’re selling. We’re selling this happiness and confidence that you get when your hair looks amazing, the way you want it to look. 

“And the same is true for Squeeze.” 

I mean, I can’t tell you how many women over the years have told me, ‘I never go to a board meeting or an important job interview or a date without a blow-out,’ or just even picking up their kids from school — it’s the inner confidence that it gives them.

Both Squeeze are Drybar are providing things that make you feel really good.

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