Accurate Group Helps Credit Unions Grow Real Estate Lending Business through Faster Loan Cycle Times, Lower Costs and Innovative Technology

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accurate Group, a leading provider of technology-driven real estate appraisal, title data, analytics and e-closing solutions, today announced the launch of a bundled solution designed to help credit unions accelerate growth and improve efficiency in real estate lending.

Accurate Group provides the digital framework and modernized appraisal, title and closing processes lenders need to remain competitive in today’s real estate lending environment. The COVID-19 pandemic is posing challenges for real estate lenders – giving credit unions a window of opportunity to seize market share from less nimble competitors by investing in innovation and automation.

Property appraisal, title and closing processes are ripe for automation and technology advancement. By creating a one-stop, bundled solution that addresses these areas with proven, market-leading technology and services, Accurate Group is helping credit unions achieve significant gains in efficiency, turn time improvement and member satisfaction. The bundled solution includes appraisal, title and closing technology and services, as well as flood insurance when needed. By connecting into existing LOS, POS and servicing systems and spanning the breadth of the loan process, Accurate Group also provides credit unions a valuable dataset for decision support or process automation.

By engaging with Accurate Group, credit unions are able to streamline vendor management and better align all stakeholders in the loan process. Accurate Group’s appraisal, property inspection, title and closing technologies are designed to plug into any digital platform, making it the ideal choice for credit unions who want to be up and running quickly, drive greater efficiency and improve loan profitability. In addition, remote property inspection technology and remote-only notary (RON) options provide added agility to credit unions.

“Applying Accurate Group’s process automation and online technologies to traditionally manual, paper-based areas of the business will help credit unions boost profit margins and free up resources to invest in growth and new member services,” said Paul Doman, president and CEO of Accurate Group. “We are providing credit unions with the opportunity to attract consumers with faster turn times and innovative technology such as remote property inspection and video closings – technologies that are critical as we continue to navigate the pandemic and will likely become the norm long-term.”

Through its focus on continuous technology innovation, Accurate Group has developed the broadest set of technology-driven appraisal, valuation and data collection products on the market today, serving 22 of the top 25 U.S. real estate lenders. Its solutions give lenders a powerful digital framework that enables greater accuracy, a better borrower experience, faster turn times and lower costs.

To learn more, download the eBook: “3 Ways Credit Unions Can Boost Home Lending Profitability & Grow Market Share.”

About Accurate Group

Accurate Group is a real estate technology and services leader delivering technology-driven property appraisal, title data, analytics and digital closing solutions to banks, credit unions, servicers, non-banks and capital market firms. By combining modern process automation, accurate data and innovative SaaS and mobile technologies, Accurate Group provides its clients with the best combination of speed, quality, regulatory compliance and price. With Accurate Group, the real estate finance community and consumers benefit from market-leading solutions that enable modern digital frameworks, improve accuracy, lower costs and improve compliance across all types of real estate loans, mortgage-related assets and real estate portfolios. Visit

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