Experimental Medicines For COVID-19 Could Help Someday, But Home Runs Not Guaranteed

If the coronavirus vaccines currently being tested don’t pan out, don’t expect new drugs to fill the gap any time soon.

Many drugs are in the works, and those that succeed could play a role in reducing symptoms and sometimes saving lives. But, given the way drugs are developed, it’s unlikely that any single medicine will be anywhere as potent against the coronavirus as a successful vaccine.

So far, scientists have only identified one kind of drug that has been shown to save lives: steroids. A key study found that the steroid dexamethasone reduced death rates among people on ventilators from 41% to 29%. That’s a substantial improvement, but still far short of a cure.

The other much-touted drug to treat COVID-19 is remdesivir. The Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for this drug even though it has not been shown to save lives. It appears to shorten

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Deputies find 1 woman dead, 1 chained to bed at Texas home

CLEVELAND, Texas — Deputies are looking for a man after one woman was found chained inside his home and the body of another woman was found inside a burning vehicle outside his Southeast Texas house, authorities said Sunday.

After responding to a 911 call Saturday evening, deputies with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office found a woman who had been chained to a bed inside a home near Cleveland, Texas.

The woman said she had been sexually assaulted by the homeowner, 59-year-old Jose Marin Soriano.

Deputies determined the two women cleaned houses for Soriano and were called to the home after he told them he had revealing photos of one of the women.

The woman who survived alleged that Soriano pulled a gun on them, chained her to a bed and assaulted her.

The other woman fled the home, got into her vehicle and crashed into some woods across the street,

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Which Property Brother Is Better at Home Design?

“Property Brothers” fans, rejoice! Drew and Jonathan Scott are finally premiering the seventh season of their HGTV show “Brother vs. Brother” on Wednesday.

This time, the Scott brothers are facing off in Los Angeles with two new homes and (as always) a heaping dose of sibling rivalry.

In fact, this season is sure to have an exceptionally competitive edge because, after six seasons and three wins each, the brothers are out to break the tie and prove to home buyers (and their star-studded panel of judges) which brother is truly better at renovating homes.

Wondering who will win, or are you still struggling to differentiate one sibling from the other? Although these identical twins may seem to have strikingly similar design aesthetics, a closer look reveals that their tastes quickly diverge when they’re allowed to work alone. As proof, allow us to

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‘Tenet’ hits $250K globally, but moviegoers staying home amid COVID-19

Lindsey Bahr, The Associated Press
Published 3:03 p.m. ET Sept. 20, 2020


Jude Law, a British entrepreneur, and his American family begin to take a twisted turn after moving into an English country manor.


About three quarters of the country’s movie theaters are open, but Americans are not going back in significant numbers in the COVID-era, even with new films coming into the marketplace weekly. 

The biggest movies continue to limp along. According to studio estimates Sunday, Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” earned $4.7 million in its third weekend from nearly 2,930 locations, “The New Mutants” added $1.6 million in its fourth weekend, “Unhinged” brought in $1.3 million and the rom-com “The Broken Hearts Gallery” picked up an additional $800,000 in its second weekend.

Newcomers aren’t faring any better: The faith-based “Infidel,” which stars Jim Caviezel, did the best with $1.5 million from a little more than 1,700 theaters.

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Give it to me straight: What do contractions really feel like?

Guys, there is so much to look forward to about pregnancy and birth: The adorable socks, that thing babies do when they grab your finger, and, you know finally getting that other living thing out of your stomach.

But wait…that requires actually pushing something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina (*cringe*). How the heck is that supposed to happen, you ask? Contractions. Here’s the lowdown on those ever-so-helpful (but ultimately painful) baby-pusher-outers.

I need a refresher: What are contractions?

“A contraction is just a squeezing of a muscle,” says Dr John Thoppil, an gynae at River Place OB/GYN and an assistant professor at Texas A&M University’s College of Medicine.

When you’re having a baby, that muscle in question is your uterus – and the harder that muscle squeezes, the more it hurts, says Dr Thoppil.

That muscle is

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‘Heartbreaking’: Another blow for small Auckland CBD businesses as bridge repairs see many work from home

Struggling businesses in Auckland’s quiet city centre have been dealt another blow as urgent repairs on the harbour bridge see many workers skip their commute.

Commuters have been warned of lengthy delays this morning as urgent repairs continue on the battered Auckland Harbour Bridge cause mayhem.

Waka Kotahi/NZ Transport Agency has urged people to work from home if possible or use public transport if they have to travel into the city, after high winds toppled a truck on Friday afternoon.

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The resulting damage to a 22.7m steel strut closed several bridge lanes to assess the damage, causing gridlock and huge tailbacks across parts of the city.

And for Covid-hit businesses in the CBD, it’s the latest event in an extraordinarily tough year, Heart of the City’s Viv Beck says.

“It started with the Sky City fire this time last year, there’s been the impact of large, long-scale construction with the

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3 flexible side gigs for parents to bring in extra cash from home

  • Many parents have had to leave their jobs to take care of and homeschool their kids during the pandemic.
  • Several people told Business Insider that they’ve used this time to pick up side gigs, such as becoming call center agents, bloggers, or talent procurers.
  • Teresa Fong, a 34-year-old mother based in San Francisco, dedicates just an hour a day to finding talent for the job search platform Wanted and makes around $20 per hour, or $500 to $600 a month.
  • Stephanie Craig, meanwhile, started a third blog focused on local travel, and has brought in several hundred dollars a month in addition to income from her other two blogs.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Many parents in recent months have had to leave their jobs to take care of and homeschool their kids as schools remain closed or remote. The Wall Street Journal reported in September that “as

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Coeur d’Alene Press

It was too smokey this week to even see the for sale signs around town.

Luckily, Neighborhood of the Week occasionally ventures into topics that help readers improve their current home. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home and want to maximize value via decor and staging, or you just want your house to be better than its current sloppy state, there are simple things to do when the smoke ruins those outdoor projects and activities.

Order those extra air filters now

Before you do anything, go double check the filter size in your air system and order some extras. You’ll probably want to change this out as soon as the smoke clears, and, if you’re anything like me, you always seem to be out of these when you actually want to replace them. I’ve finally settled on receiving an automatic shipment to arrive on my doorstep around the time

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LET’S TALK MONEY: Some home improvement tips, suggestions | Business

Hi Taylor: I’ve got about $2,000 set aside for home improvements and I’m trying to figure out the best way to spend it.

I want all sorts of things like a new TV and a new couch, but I wonder if something like new windows or some sort of structural work could be a better choice in the long run. Any thoughts about the best way to put my money to work? — Marcia

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Maid chained to bed, another dies trying to escape: TX cops

After two maids were lured to their boss’ home Saturday, one died trying to escape and the other was found chained to a bed, Texas police say.

Both women worked as house cleaners at 59-year-old Jose Soriano’s Liberty County residence, KPRC reported. Police said Soriano told one of the women that he had revealing photos of her and that he would only delete them if she met him at his home, according to the outlet.

The two women went to Soriano’s home, but when they arrived, police said he sexually assaulted one of them and chained her by the ankle to the bed with a rope tied around her neck, KTRK reported.

The other woman — of whom Soriano claimed to have photos — tried to escape, but crashed her car while backing out of the driveway and it burst into flames, according to KHOU. When Soriano ran out of

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